Thursday, January 3, 2008

Last day in Michigan (for a while)

Today was another fun day in Michigan. Keenan and I spent a relaxed morning here at the house and then headed back to Northville to see Melissa and Amanda and Ethan. Keenan and Ethan hadn't seen each other for a while, and neither of them was mobile last time, so much has changed! =) They were both much more interested in whatever toy the Other one had than what each of them had.

Ethan was trying to rescue back his rubber ducks, I think

Melissa, Keenan, Amanda and Ethan

On the drive home, I spotted a little piece of heaven....Tim Horton's!! I jumped from the far right lane, across to the left hand turn lane, just in time to turn in (there were no other cars coming at the time, Philip).

Aaahhh... my withdrawl is curbed for another day..

This evening, Keenan and I went to the Cupp's for dinner. They are good friends of ours who we hadn't seen since we moved.

Mr. Cupp showing Keenan a "real" fire

The girls were all gone, but here is a picture (of a picture) of the whole family

Here's Keenan and I with the ones that were home

Bradley, Louise, Me, Steve, Keenan, Paul, Jim

Natalie (who is a nurse) got home just before we left

This is one of the snow forts in their backyard

Tomorrow moring we're headed across the border to my homeland for the next five days. I am soo excited to see my family again!!


Flakymn said...

This is the last post I will get to read for awhile -- I'll be sure to catch up when I return.

Thanks for being such a great friend! Enjoy the snow -- I am actually ...

(keep this a secret please)

a bit jealous.

LoreeArrington said...

Glad you found a Tim Horton's! Can you bring a donut home to Florida?