Monday, January 28, 2008

Just enjoying home

We had a really fun laid back day here at home yesterday.

We finished watching Anne of Green Gables The Sequel (which I hadn't seen in a looong time, and totally enjoyed all over!) Philip is so sweet, he has also added The Continuing Story to our Blockbuster que! I've never seen that one.
Last night we watched The Bourne Ultimatum. How's that for two totally opposite movies in one day? =) Well, it finally looks like that is going to be the last Bourne movie... we really liked all three of them.

It was such a nice day, we took Keenan for a walk around the neighborhood... the first walk we had taken all together in a while.

I learned yesterday that, an ironing board, even without an iron sitting on it, isn't safe to have set up with a mobile baby around (at least not with Our mobile baby!) I had to take a break from ironing to do something else, so I had unplugged the iron and set it in a safe place, so Keenan wouldn't pull it down on his head. A few minutes later I heard a huge Crash! I went and looked and Keenan had knocked the ironing board over...and then tried to "ride" it! LOL!

Giddy up!

Another chilly morning... look at the frost on the roof!

Here's Keenan trying to catch some bubbles..

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