Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Healthy stuff...

It's a beautiful, warm (67) day today! A nice change from the cool weather we've been having...

Last night when Philip got home, Keenan and I had just about had enough of each other, (and Philip had the car with both strollers in it). When we got home we all went for a walk in the dark to "cool off", literally and figuratively. It was nice, and it was just what I needed. =)

Philip started a rotation at the hospital in Fort Walton Beach today. He had to be there at 6:15! Yuck! That made for an early start for us! =0/

Today we picked up Wendi (who we hadn't seen since New Year's Eve!) and went to the lunch at Jodi's house. Jodi made us Delicious omelets, and we had biscuits, fruit and dessert as well. I came home, fully intending to tackle the bathroom again, but was so exhausted, that I went to bed while Keenan napped. I think I'm going to have to start staying up late to work on it or something, because I really need to try and get the scraping done before the weekend, so Philip can fix the holes so it can be painted next week.

I'm doing a lot of thinking about healthy eating these days... My friend, Laura, down the street is part of an organic food co-op, that I'm thinking about joining. (She says it's actually cheaper to get produce that way than in the store, and it's better for you, so it seems like a smart deal). I'm also thinking about baking our own bread. It seems like it would be cheaper, And we'd be able to avoid all the extra preservatives, etc. that's in store bought bread.

High fructose corn syrup... lots of hype about that these days, and it seems to be in everything! I'm trying to decide whether we should totally try and avoid it, or if it's not a "killer" in moderation. An article by Mayo Clinic didn't seem to indicate that they thought it was "the worst thing you could put in the human body", like I heard a health nut on the radio say the other day. It seems like avoiding pop, and concentrated fruit juices, etc... is the best thing to do. Any thoughts or opinions on this whole healthy eating thing? It can get pretty overwhelming, and I've pretty much decided that I can't completely cut out Everything that's bad for me, or I would just be drinking water, so I guess I just have to "choose my battles".


LoreeArrington said...

Hey Joia!! Everything in moderation, girlfriend! Everyone needs a little chocolate every now and then, especially in the absence of strollers!!

We try to eat organic anytime we can, but I've read where it's most important on things that you eat the outside of and on certain crops that are heavily sprayed (like grapes, strawberries, lettuce). We eat natural (no growth hormone, grain fed (didn't know cows ate anything else??)) meat and eggs and drink organic milk. I started the organic milk & meat after I read several articles about the hormones cause early development in young girls - because I thought it couldn't be healthy for young boys, either. It's gotten easier (and cheaper!) since the commissary is starting to carry more natural items.

I love my bread maker! Nothing like a hot fresh loaf of bread with your coffee in the morning or dinner! I use it to make pizza dough, too. Fun when kids are old enough to 'help' dress the pizzas (chuckle, chuckle, wink, wink).
I have a girlfriend who has taken it as far as grinding her own grain into flour. I'm not there. Too many kids, not enough patience. The cool thing is that you can add flaxseeds and other yummy, healthy stuff (cranberries, blueberries, sunflower seeds) into your bread if you make it yourself. Or chocolate, if you're stranded without strollers!!

Mom W. said...

Aspartame is definitely a thumbs down = ) love you, Mom

Liz said...

i cannot say enough good things about my bread machine! i love it.

as for eating healthy...i started seeing a naturopath last october to help me with my constant colds. she recommended no processed foods. whole foods all the way. so, no white flour products (everything it seems has bleached flour in it!), no white rice, and no sugar. honey and natural maple syrup are okay.

and, while i can't say my colds have gone away (i still at least one a month) i have inadvertently lost 12 pounds and i feel much much more energetic!

Mom E said...

Nature's Own breads, whole wheat, honey wheat, sold at Publix are the only breads Jessica or I have found that do Not have HFCS in them. Del Monte diced tomatoes with jalapenos don't have HFCS in them either....

I buy organic milk also and it lasts longer than regular and doesn't sour early even when opened. I try to buy organic when I can, esp. in meats, but it does get expensive.