Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Wow, 2008! Time sure flies... Here's a few of the major events in our lives in 2007:

*Keenan was born!

*Philip graduated from Medical School and became Dr. Dooley (as well as being promoted to Captain in the Air Force)

*We moved from Michigan to Florida

* Philip started his Family Medicine residency at Eglin

* We've made great new friends

* We've had several opportunities to visit (and be visited by) some of our closest friends and family

*Celebrated our first Christmas with Keenan

We have been So blessed in this past year, and we look forward to what this new year brings!

Now for a couple pictures from yesterday and the party last night...

I'm sure Philip won't be very impressed with me putting girly things on Keenan... =)

This is the position that Keenan stayed in for his whole afternoon nap!

Philip and Keenan both pretty happy to see each other when we went to visit Philip last night at work and take him dinner. (There didn't end up being a New Year's baby on his shift, but he did deliver the last three babies of 2007!

We headed over to Matt and Tiff's around 6:00. We had good food, good fun, watched and Hitch and Catch me if You Can, Keenan went to bed really well, and I even managed to stay up past midnight! We did end up coming back home for the rest of the night after all.

Matt and the boys

John and Wendi

Jodi and I (the "husbandless ones" for the night)

Matt and Tiff being goofy (maybe it was the champagne, I don't know...)

I'm finally getting around to actually packing for Keenan and I today. We fly out at a little after 6 in the morning. I got word this morning that Michigan got a foot of snow last night! Woohoo! (Hopefully the roads won't be too nasty though..)

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