Thursday, January 17, 2008

Christmas has (finally) left the building

Wow, so ya, this year I was "one of those people" who leaves their Christmas decorations up until the middle of January! (Pretty embarrassing). I will, however, be a little more understanding of others next year, won't I?
I got all the tree decorations packed up yesterday, and today I took down all the lights and greenery from around the house, took the lights off the tree, packed up all the other random decorations, and then took the tree down. This was the first time I've done it by myself, (and I'm quite sure I didn't put all the branches in the box in exactly the same meticulous way that Philip would have), so it should be interesting next time we put it up! =)
Keenan was a big help and was the DJ during the whole process. (This means that he stood by the CD player and pushed every button he could find, which gave me an interesting run through the Third Day CD that was in there. Some songs got played over and over, others got skipped altogether, and some just got a few seconds or a minute of playing time before Keenan decided to move on to the next one..)

Another big accomplishment for Keenan today was that he "drew" his first "picture"! I decided to get out the crayons and see what he thought of them.

This is his first masterpiece (I think he said it was a bowl of fruit). (Click on it for more "detail")

I thought it was pretty impressive, and I didn't help at all, I only made sure that the marks (for the most part) went on the paper not the counter top


Grandma W. said...

Good job Keenan, I am quite sure I saw an orange, an apple, a kiwi, a lemon and some grapes. Great potential Keenan!

Anne said...

hahaha...I'm so glad I'm not the only one who was really late in taking down the Christmas tree is still up!

Anonymous said...

Welllllllll, I have you ALL beat! Not only is our tree still up but the outside lights as well (sans the nativity - and that's Only because we had to mow the lawn!! Yup, we do still mow our lawns in January here in FL!).

I just pulled in the big Merry Christmas sign yesterday! Some of us just have a harder time than others letting go of Christmas! :-) Here's another confession of a Christmas year our tree was up till March! ha!
Let's C U top that one! lol.
Love, Mom E.

P.S. Keenan, you rock!