Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Can't get enough of 'em...

This morning, my friend, Janice and two of her kids came over to visit and had lunch with us.
After lunch, we headed into town to visit my friend Jeanine (Janice's sister), who recently got married. It was nice to visit with her and her husband, Dustin, see their cool apartment and look at wedding and honeymoon pictures.
This evening we had our Third big family dinner of the week (this time at Rob and Ada's). It has been sooo nice to be able to see them all so much while we've been here!
Keenan and Grandpa fooling around

A little taste of my hometown life...

Jeanine and I

Keenan with cousins Shaelyn, Marika and Kyla

Keenan getting a ride on his Uncle Tim's feet

Me with my three sister in laws
Rebekah, Steph and Ada

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