Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Keenan and I sure flew into a Winter Wonderland today! The snow is beautiful here!

We got up at 4 am, left the house at 5, said goodbye to Philip at around six, and then boarded our flight to Memphis. Keenan did Really well on both flights and slept most of the time. On our second flight, we were next to a couple (the wife was Canadian!) who were on their way to China to pick up their daughter - how exciting!

Towards the end of our second flight.. Keenan had just woken up =)

We made it to Detroit a little late, but none the worse for wear, got our baggage, put on our winter clothes, and headed over and picked up our rental car (a Pontiac G6).

On the shuttle to the Enterprise lot (Keenan's not too sure about all these clothes!)

The snow is So pretty on the trees!


First we went and visited a good friend of mine, Melissa. She made a delicious lunch and even let Keenan pull all her movies off the shelf! We had a great time catching up... =0)

Does he look guilty or what?

Anthony and Melissa's Beatiful tree!

Melissa and Keenan

We even got to video chat with Philip! That was so fun! Keenan really liked seeing Philip, but I think he was pretty weirded out by the whole thing - LOL!

My little winter bear

Saying goodbye to Bella

Next we headed her to Aunt Mary and Uncle Ty's in Troy, where we'll be staying until Saturday. We (okay I) had a delicious dinner and dessert, and then Keenan had a fun bath, and we got ourselves settled in. Tomorrow we'll get to see a bunch more of the Dooleys, and I think we'll try and go visit some other friends, and of course - PLAY IN THE SNOW!!!


Flakymn said...

Cool you got there, cool about the China baby, and cool that you handled all the stuff you had to do with no stress at all!

Also cool that you gave me PRINCE OF EGYPT back as a movie -- it's empty too, just like you got it. Is this some new game or something?


LoreeArrington said...

Most people I know fly SOUTH in January??? Go figure.