Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Baking bread

Well, I've done it! I made my first two loaves of bread today! (Well, not actually my first two loaves Ever, but my first two non-white loaves of bread). The loaf we're finishing from the store may be our last store bought one for a long time!

I used the dough hooks on my mixer to mix the dough (it's soo much easier than doing it all by hand!) and got a lot of helpful tips from Laura S. I called her several times during the process, once to double check on the amount of yeast, (after I had already mixed it in), only to discover that I had put one and a half teaspoons not Tablespoons! Fortunately, I was able to just add the rest of the yeast, and it turned out fine!

Here's the finished product:

It actually even tastes pretty good. I had one piece with butter, and then another one with some of my mom's homemade peach jam, mmmm.... Keenan even likes it and gobbled down half a slice - yay!

Betty Crocker, step aside... (LOL)

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Rachel and Hans said...

Would you mind posting the recipe? That looks so good!!