Thursday, December 27, 2007

Yes, it's now tomorrow..

We are finally home! We just got in at about 6:00 p.m. We went out for breakfast with most of the family this morning and then got on the road at about 10:15. The drive went pretty well, and we are all Very happy to be home again. =)

So, yesterday...

We drove from Merritt Island to Dunedin (near Tampa, it's about two and a half hours away) to spend the day with the Taylors, Philip's mom's side of the family. His grandma and five of her seven kids were able to be there, so it was a really nice time. Most of the people had only met Keenan once, or had never seen him before at all, so he got a Ton of attention (and loved it, as you can imagine). We had a delicious lunch, and then Keenan and I took a nap at Grandma's house, while everyone else played euchre and just hung out. After that we had a white elephant gift exchange (in which one of the gifts we got was actually two White Elephants! Pretty funny..) In the evening we checked in to our hotel and then joined everyone at Grandma's house for some dinner before heading back to go to bed.
Here's some pictures from the day:
Uncle Hank (who met Keenan for the first time), checking to see if his soft spot had closed in yet. =)

Keenan meeting his 2nd cousin Cheree for the first time

Four Generations
(can you believe Grandma is 94??)

Keenan (on Uncle Tom's lap), checking out Uncle Tim's wheels

All the girls (and Keenan):
back - Rachel, Aunt Marie and Aunt Pat
middle - Debi, Grandma, Mom (Kathleen) and Keenan
front - Cheree, me, Hannah

All the guys (and Grandma):
back - Keenan, Philip, Geoff, Carl, Uncle Hank, Uncle Dave
front - Uncle Tim, Uncle Tom, Grandma, Jeff, Isaac, Phil (and "Doogie Schnauzer")


Keenan's first time ever playing the piano! He was pretty good.. =)

Philip getting Keenan to sleep back at the hotel

This picture is totally random. I took it on the drive home today. It just struck me funny that the horse stuck his head out the window and let his mane blow in the breeze (like a dog would do!) =)

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