Monday, December 17, 2007

Winter is back!

When I took the trash out this morning, what did I see? FROST!!! Yay! Christmas can come now, it Does get Cold enough here! =)You might need to click on this picture and make it larger to see the frost.. it's there!

In honor of the frost, we have "Elfed ourselves", click on this link to see us dance:


Anonymous said...

haha that elf thing is pretty funny. perfect face for keenan. and both of you.. it was very cute! take care.

Mom W. said...

Oh, Keenan, what have they done to you? You poor child... very funny though. The men's choir was really good, Dad watched it twice. Frost eh? We just had a huge storm here - really nasty, freezing rain and hours of blowing snow yesterday. Winter is really here this year - white Christmas. Love you, Mom