Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Task-filled Tuesday

Today has been a busy day.

Keenan had his nine month doctor's appointment today. He weighs 23 pounds, 6 oz, and is 29 inches long.

Our sweet boy

He fell asleep as soon as we left the hospital, so I dropped him off at Wendi's while I went grocery shopping at the Commissary. It was a very strange feeling to not have him with me, and I'm sure I made much better time. Thanks Wendi!

When we got home, I made six dozen cookies for our cookie exchange tomorrow, as well as cupcakes for one of the resident's birthdays tomorrow.

After dropping off the extra cupcakes with Frank and Myrtle and Wyneeta, I finally got around to wrapping Christmas presents and got that job knocked out during Keenan's afternoon nap.

This evening, when I went to pick up Philip, Tiffany and I "decorated" Erik's desk for his 31st birthday tomorrow. Should be quite the surprise for him in the morning.. =)

The "Birthday Elves" strike again...

Since our bathtub is still not usable, I decided to give Keenan a bath in the sink for a change, instead of in our shower.

Doesn't he look hilarious here? =)


Anonymous said...

Are those real light bulbs?

Joia said...

No, they aren't real, they're special plastic ones for cakes (I got them from some cupcakes at MOPS last time... I knew I'd use them!)

Mom w. said...

So did Keenan splash the kitchen floor and counter all up? He can create quite a commotion in the tub from what I remember... must get it from his grandpa. Your Christmas decos in the house look really nice Joia. Stainless steel sinks make great bathtubs...

flakymn said...

My best bud Kris believes sinks are the only place to give kids baths.

flakymn said...
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