Sunday, December 30, 2007

Second day with Dad

Here's a couple pictures from yesterday:

Three generations of Dooley men playing together

This morning we went to Calvary Chapel in Fort Walton Beach. We really liked it. They have a "cry room", that has a glass front wall, so you can still see into the main sanctuary, see the speaker, and hear the music/speaking through speakers, but it's okay if your baby makes some noise. That worked really well with Keenan, so I think we may go back there.
The home fellowship in Niceville is starting back up as well, and we're excited to be part of that and share some good times with other Christians in our area.

After church, we stopped by Target and then Dad treated us to pizza for lunch before we headed home. After that, it was naps for all four of us.... the way Sunday afternoons were meant to be spent in my opinion. =)

As I was preparing dinner, the garbage disposal got really clogged, but thankfully Dad was able to take the pipes apart underneath and we discovered that one of Keenan's spoons had gone down the sink and was creating a big problem.. once we cleared that and the rest of the junk out, it worked fine again!

Our friendly, in house plumber =)

It seems like my list of things to do before Keenan and I head out of town is endless... tomorrow will be a busy day.

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Mom W. said...

Can't wait to see you! Hi to Dan, we enjoy his letters very much. Happy New Year to you all!!!!