Thursday, December 20, 2007

Santa and Sushi Siam

We had dinner last night at Sushi Siam (a Japanese/Thai restaurant in Destin) with some of the other interns and wives, as a last "hurrah" before we all head away for Christmas.

There was also a Santa in the courtyard who you could take pictures with for free!

Keenan didn't really smile, but he didn't cry either, so that was good.. =)
(Santa was really sweet, and his beard was even real!)

Keenan even made it into a Norman Rockwell painting!

You're really never too old to sit with Santa.. =)

Philip and Keenan in front of the Giant Christmas tree!

Destin Commons is so pretty

A cool shot up the tree

Philip and Keenan waiting for the others to arrive

William, Casey, Jodi, Cliff, Philip, Keenan, me, Wendi, John and Tiffany
Philip and I aren't in to sushi, so we had salad (with mango peanut dressing) and the
Chicken Pad Thai - it was fantastic!

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Kay said...

So glad to see you enjoyed your family outing at our beautiful Destin Commons.
Happy Holidays from Destin Commons.
Kay Phelan
PR Consultant to Destin Commons