Friday, December 28, 2007

Random day

Nothing too important happened today. I was just unpacking, doing laundry, putting stuff away, and trying to plan for our (Keenan's and my) trip up north from January 2nd to the 12th

Keenan got his first snow suit, hat and mitts (for our trip ). I'm soo excited for him to get to see snow!
Here however, it was almost 70 degrees at 6:30 this morning, and we had a huge rain storm this afternoon!

Keenan and I went and picked up Sarah and Della from the airport - they had been gone to Colorado for almost a month and experienced a 60 degree difference between the two places today.

Here's a picture of (most, I realized I forgot a couple) of Keenan's Christmas presents... he sure is a blessed little boy!

He's wearing some of his Christmas clothes and chewing on.. who knows what? =)

Here's a video of Keenan playing some music...

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Anonymous said...

where are you and Keenan going up north to? you just say your going up north but dont say where you are going haha. anyways hope all is well. merry christmas and happy new year. take care!
lots of love!