Monday, December 10, 2007

Post call potpourri

Today has been a pretty relaxed day at home. We had a nice hot breakfast together when Philip got home, and then he headed to bed. After lunch, we went over and visited with Frank and Myrtle in their backyard for a while... another beautiful (76) day. Keenan decided to mow their lawn with his hands and then tried to quickly shove handfuls of grass into his mouth before Philip could take it away. =)
Frank was telling Philip that before we moved here, the owner of our house had told them that a couple and their son was going to be buying her house. The first time Philip went over to their house, Frank was Sure that Philip must be the son, since he looked so young! =)

Keenan turned nine months old today, and Philip and I can't believe how much he's learning and changing, just over the past couple of weeks and days. He is so much fun, and it's awesome to see him turning into his own little "person". He's quite the clown. =)

Philip is humoring me and watching Anne of Green Gables with me. (We're watching it in several segments since it's so long). It has always been one of my favorite movies, and since it is set in Canada, it just kind of special to me. I especially wanted him to watch it after we visited "Green Gables" on our trip to Prince Edward Island last year. He admitted that it's better than he was expecting, and thinks it's pretty funny at times. =)

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