Thursday, December 20, 2007

One more day until leave!

There's not too much to report about today.

I took Keenan to the doctor this morning. We've wondered if he was getting an ear infection, and wanted to find out for sure before we head out of town on Saturday. One of the perks of having a husband who is a resident is that you can usually be seen by a doctor Very quickly if you need someone to check out your child. =) He does have an ear infection, but hopefully the medication will act quickly and he'll feel much better for the drive and the week with family.

We did a little bit of shopping this afternoon and Keenan has taken lots of naps while I've done stuff around the house and had a good chat on the phone with my brother, Andrew.

Here's a funny Keenan video from a few days ago:

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Mom W. said...

Yep, he used his left hand too. Go Keenan...