Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mish mash and off we go...

Since we're leaving before Christmas, I went ahead and punched out the remaining few day's characters for our advent nativity scene (from Grandma Dooley), isn't it cute?

I spent about an hour and a half on the phone last night with my family back home. It takes a while, when you have ten people to talk to! They also put it on speaker phone and sang to me... =) I miss them so much. They are all together at Mark and Rebekah's for the weekend. They had their big dinner last night, and they'll be opening gifts today and heading over to my aunt's house for the extended Woodford family Christmas.

We had a nice little Christmas time last night with the three of us. Keenan was pretty funny opening his gifts...just like everyone says, babies really are more interested in the wrapping than the presents. =)

"Yay! I cool book!"

"Oops, we forgot to open the card first!"

"Oooh... money!"

"I got my own camp chair!"
(This actually straps to a chair and doubles as a portable high chair)

Opening his stocking from Canada

"Aahh... this is the life for me..."
(yes, I know his socks look dorky, but they keep his little toes warm at night!)

Philip and I (in our matching pajama pants) getting ready to open gifts before our "sleepover by the tree". We ended up moving back to our bed before midnight (at My suggestion!)

My brother, Andrew, sent me some pictures from back home of the snow... I really am starting to miss it now...

My parent's home

All ready to stock the woodstove for the winter...

I 'm in the newspaper! Andrea (one of my friends and one of the intern wives) is a writer for the Eglin Flyer, and she did a story on our wives group, and featured our cookie exchange! Look, we're famous! =) (I think if you click on the picture, you may even be able to read the article).

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