Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry (toasty) Christmas

The air conditioner here broke yesterday, and with it being Christmas day and all, it won't be fixed until tomorrow. It got up to about 80 degrees in the house,but with all the fans it has been pretty tolerable, even with the whole bunch of us here.

This morning Philip, Keenan and I got up and went (in our pj's) to Matt and Jessica's to open presents with Philip's dad. We were there for a few hours, and had a delicious breakfast, and watched some of the Disney parade before heading back here to Mom and Jeff's.

This is a bear that Philip got for Christmas when He was little! Philip's dad found it and gave it to Keenan with his Christmas gift.. how special!

Grandma let Keenan play with the clean spoons in the dish washer..

Uncle Erik and Keenan playing with "Lulu the Spelling Spider"

I helped Mom in the kitchen for a while, and Philip and Erik went to Rockledge to play football, but apparently there was some miscommunication or something, because only two other guys showed up... bummer.

This evening, we all got together and opened presents, had a great dinner and played a few rounds of "Catch Phrase". I had never played it before, but it was really fun.

So ya... we took this ourselves. =)

One of Keenan's (many) gifts.... a stacking Michigan Wolverine's doll - made in Russia!

Keenan's "My Very First Christmas"outfit from Mom and Jeff

Now we're trying to collect our stuff from the four corners of the house where it has spread itself over the past few days, trying to pack up to be ready to leave for Tampa in the morning. There is a Taylor family reunion of sorts going on there tomorrow, and then we'll head home on the 27th.

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Anonymous said...

FYI: the "My first Christmas outfit" was from just Gr'ma & Gr'pa Eberts (Jeff and me), and not from Great Grandma & Grandpa Eberts....although I think we are kinda 'great' lol....didn't know if maybe I marked the tag wrong or if it was just a typo. I am in OH and don't have your correct email address with me to write you directly! Figured this was so far back that it was safe to write this in the 'comments' section. :-p

I'm on your blog trying to entice Gr'ma E (Carol) to get on the internet. She loves all the photos.

Happy New Year! Love, Mom