Monday, December 31, 2007

Last day of 2007...

Philip is on a 24 hour call shift today, so he might get to deliver Eglin's New Year's baby!

His dad went back to Merritt Island this morning. =0/ We sure wish we got to see him more often...

Keenan and I went for a walk with the Sheridans (from down the street) this morning, and spent some time at Frank and Myrtle's this afternoon. We wanted to make sure we saw them all between our Christmas trip and then going away again in a couple days.

Here's some pictures from Frank and Myrtle's:

Keenan and his buddy, Frank

Playing with Myrtle

Keenan loves it when Frank plays the guitar and sings for him... =)

Tonight Keenan and I will be going over to Matt and Tiffany's for a New Year's Eve party. I think John and Wendi will be there, as well as Jodi (her husband is working tonight as well). Since they live on base, Keenan and I might just spend the night and then go pick Philip up in the morning when he's done.

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