Monday, December 24, 2007

It's almost Christmas...

Here's Jeff and Philip's finished product from their work yesterday. I think it's pretty cool.

This morning we spent some time at Matt and Jessica's, hanging out with Philip's dad, and then doing a little stocking stuffer shopping.

Three generations of Dooleys

Reagan giving Keenan a ride... before Keenan turfed off. =)

In the afternoon we did some family pictures and then had our big Christmas dinner together (since we couldn't all be together for it tomorrow). We also played several fun rounds of the game, Whoonu in the afternoon.

Keenan's "First Christmas" bib

Philip, Me, Keenan, Erik, Jeff, Isaac, Mom, Reagan, Jessica, Hudson, Matt

Us three

The Three Stooges

Matt pretending to sleep with Hudson

We thought it would be cute to stick Hudson in this hat while he still fits.. =)

Turns out we were right

We were thrilled to get a visit from Matt, Philip's best friend (our friend), and also our best man, since he happened to be in the area. We thank God for his safety, since the plant he works in(which employs only eight people) blew up last Wednesday, killing four men... half an hour before Matt was supposed to work. They're still investigating the reason for the explosion.

This evening, Philip watched Keenan and I went to the Christmas Eve service with the rest of the family.

At the end of the service, we sang the most hilarious rendition of "Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland"! Since Kathleen works in the video department, I had someone up there print me a c0py so I could put it on here:

Florida Wonderland

(This first part apparently , in other words of course, used to come at the beginning of the song)

Over the ground lies a yard that needs mowed
A job I did only three days ago
But two hearts are beatin'
In spite of the weather
Florida has no seasons, and Florida has no snow
But romance can blossom like the palm trees that grow
We're swim suit shoppin'
Our flip flops are floppin'

Boat horns blow
Are ya listenin'
In the canal
The water's glistenin'
A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight
Walkin' in a Florida Wonderland

Gone away
Is the bluebird
Here to stay
Are the snow birds
They drive real slow
Where we wanna go
Walkin' in a Florida Wonderland

At the beach we can build a sand man
And pretend that he is Pastor Dan
He'll say "Are ya surfin'?"
We'll say "Yeah Man!"
And you can join us when you get a tan!

Later on
We'll perspire
As we sweat
By the fire
The plans that we made
To be in Bell Glade
Walkin' in a Florida Wonderland

When it snows...
Yeah whatever!
Every0ne knows
It snows like...never!
So we'll frolick and play
The Floridian way
Walkin' in a Florida Wonderland

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