Thursday, December 13, 2007

Good times

We had a Great time at the Christmas party last night! Bernard and Lisa (the hosts) have a beautiful (and huge) home, so it was a really great place for a big party. There were quite a few people there that we hadn't met yet, but they were all super nice. The food was really good too! The white elephant gift exchange was a ton of fun, and we ended up with some great gifts - a bunch of good movies (the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Mary Poppins, My Fair Lady, etc.), popcorn, cookie mixes, a tree topper, a cute candle, and some really soft socks (for me). We also got a beautiful votive holder and a Red Lobster gift card from the hosts, as well as yummy chocolate cookie mix in a cute cloth gift bag from a new friend named Kendra. It was a very gift filled evening! (I forgot my camera, and took pictures on Wendi's camera, but she forgot it at the party when she left!) Maybe I'll post pictures from it another day.

The day today was taken up with going to MOPS (the last one of the year), visiting with neighbors, taking a walk, being interviewed by Andrea for a newspaper article, and playing with my favorite little man.

Here's a picture (that I finally figured out the right setting on the camera for) of our fireplace and Christmas tree:


Anonymous said...

Ah, I miss my fireplace so much! Your house looks beautiful! And sounds like you're having a ton of Christmas fun! I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Who are the people who held te party and how did you get so many great gifts!!!

Joia said...

Thanks Rebekah! Miss you too! Wish we were going to see you all at Christmas.

Laura, the party was at the house of Bernard and Lisa, the people who started the home group we visited a couple weeks ago (where we played the newlywed game. We're planning to join the group in January. We got so many gifts, because most of that stuff was in One box in the exchange! We had no idea we would be getting gifts from other people as well!