Friday, December 7, 2007

Floridian Friday

Today has been a nice, seventy two degree day here in the Panhandle. =) How are all of you Michiganders and Canadians doing?

This is our Christmas tree
(I was playing around with the settings, and purposely jiggled the camera so it would do this, I think it's kind of cool!)

St. Nicholas (aka the steering commitee from my MOPS group) visited our house last night and brought Keenan a treat! Well, it's all candy, so it's actually more for me than him.. =)

Keenan helping Philip fix something on the fireplace

More video...


Mom W. said...

You know Joia, he looks like he is saying, "Of course I am using the spoon, what is the big deal. I was planning to when I was good and ready, now I am, so... why the publicity, it's just a spoon...? For Pete's sake... hmphh." Someday he will get us for putting words in his mouth with all those teeth... = )

LoreeA said...
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LoreeA said...

I heard St. Nick also dropped a baby gate - what service !! He said to say thank you so much for the goodies - you should have seen the car of grown women clapping their hands like little kids, "We got a goodie! We got a goodie!!" THANK YOU!