Sunday, December 16, 2007

Family fun

Here's a bunch of pictures from our last 24 hours...

Keenan and his favorite person, I think... =)

Philip helping me make pigs in a blanket for the clinic Christmas party this afternoon.

The party was at the home of one of the nurses who lives in Niceville. She and her husband have a beautiful home and there were quite a few people there. The food was great, there was live music, and I got to meet some really great people!

Here's Keenan with his new buddy, Dash

Another new friend, Ellie, touched Keenan's backside as he went past! =0)

"What? I didn't do anything.."

During one of the slow songs, Keenan had his first dance with a female that wasn't his Mom...

I don't remember this little cutie's name, but she was sooo adorable, dancing with this dog!

Philip spent a record amount of time in the kitchen today, and this evening, helped me make several dozen cookies for the base wide "1001 Dozen Cookie Drive" tomorrow.

Probably the first time we've ever made cookies together

Philip looking really impressed that he's being photographed... =0)

We've had a nice evening. Keenan took a pretty good nap, so I made us a late dinner and we ate by candle light. When you don't have a lot of date nights, you do what you can, right? =)

Philip has really enjoyed spending special time with Keenan and told me yesterday, "If it wouldn't end up making a lot of trouble for you during the week, I'd rock him to sleep every time I could on the weekends..." (I think this father business has turned him all soft inside)

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Mom W. said...

Good job "doctoring" up those pigs and cookies Philip...