Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Eve of Christmas Eve

We have had a good first day here.
Our travels yesterday went fairly well, other than a few traffic jams.
When we got to Merritt Island, we went to Matt and Jessica's first, to meet our new nephew, Hudson, and see Philip's dad, who we hadn't seen since June.

Last night we helped Mom and Jeff wrap some presents and watched a cute Christmas movie, "The Christmas Card".

Today has been really warm out, and Philip helped Jeff set up a cool nativity scene with a suspended lit up star above it. I wrapped some more presents and visited with Jessica when she came over. I finally got to hold Hudson and give him a bottle. He's soo tiny!

Keenan has been doing a bit better today (thank you for the prayers!), and is starting to act more and more like his usual happy self. =)

Keenan with his cousin, Reagan

They've been busy doing some renovations and stuff here, so the tree isn't decorated yet, so we're going to to that as a family this evening. Should be fun!

This is an Adorable (in my opinion) picture of Philip when he was younger. Keenan's not too sure about it...

Dad, is that you?

What a cutie I married! =)

Keenan's stocking =)
(I think Philip is a little jealous..)

The whole gang's stockings


Flakymn said...

You stole my title!!!!

Seriously though -- how funny is that?!?!?

Anonymous said...

I sure miss you guys! :-(