Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cookie Swap

Today we had lunch at Tiffany's house. She made Amazing baked potato soup and a great salad. The cookie swap was her idea, and boy, was it a great one! We each got to bring home several pounds of Really good cookies!

Here's Wendi showing of her sexy socks.. her feet were cold and she'd forgotten socks, so she borrowed some of Matt's tube socks! =)

Apparently we had already bored Tiffany to sleep...

Keenan riding William's pony
(I think he was pretty proud of himself)

I love this picture... they had been posed for a while, and at this point, Jonathan is like, "Okay, baby, get off me.."

"Ya! I'm ridin' a wild pony bare back!"

One of the bizarre climbing squirrels at Tiff's...

More gifts!
Tiffany made us all a "holiday drink mix" with hot cocoa, coffee, cinnamon and other good stuff in it.. I can't wait to try it!
The ornaments and candle are from Jodi. Her mom hand painted these! Wow!

I made manicotti for the first time today (well, the time we made it at MOPS all the work was already done and we just had to assemble them), so hopefully it's good. It's for a Christmas party tonight that we're going to with John and Wendi. There's going to be a "white elephant" gift exchange as well, so it should be a lot of fun!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Christmas picture of Keenan on the rocking horse in front of the tree!! That's a keeper!!
P.S. Thanks for the Christmas card, Joia! My first one!

Mom W. said...

Yes, I was going to comment like Cheryl that the picture with Keenan in front of the tree would have made a great Christmas card!!! The one with you both is great too!

Joia said...

Guess we took that picture a little late, huh? =)