Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas lights and stuff...

Philip is on a 24 hour call right now, so Keenan and I have just been hangin' around here by ourselves. This afternoon we went for a nice walk, then I had a great phone conversation with my friend, Laura, and watched Return to Me (that Wendi lent me). I think I had seen it before, but it's such a great movie, it didn't matter.

This evening, Keenan and I went for a "Christmas light walk" to check out all the lights in the neighborhood. Some of these are a little bit blurry... In the dark, these houses really don't look much different than the way things look back home (except for the palm trees here and there).

Welcome to Valparaiso

You don't see a whole lot of this kind of thing anymore...

I thought this little train was cute

"Hey cool! Goin' for a ride in the dark!"
(He didn't even need a blanket, because it was still so mild out at 7:00!)

I like this guy

And here's a video (sorry it's a little bit shaky since I was pushing the stroller at the same time) of the lights at our neighbor's house, down the street. It took them several weeks to set it up, and the final result is pretty cool!

At about 7:45, Philip finally had time for me to bring him food. We got to visit with him for a little bit at the small sitting area beside the Starbuck's at the hospital. Keenan was pretty happy to see him after more than 12 hours!

"Yay, Daddy!"
(Hopefully Philip actually gets some sleep tonight.. he already looks tired here)


Anonymous said...

Wow!! That light show of your neighbor's is really cool! wish I could see it.
It must seem strange to have all those Christmas lights, etc. and it's so mild outside. I've never been anywhere near surf and sand at Christmas...but it's tempting!!
Your party looked like fun too!

Patti said...

So good to check in all of you! I can't believe how big Keenan is - and soooooo adorable. I miss you all so much. Thanks for the Christmas card. No worries about not knowing what to say - none of us know - Love you,
aunt P

Anonymous said...

I was saying to Nathan how wierd it is for me to think that people in Florida put lights outside(I know that sounds dumb). But then I thought 'of course they do' it wouldn't be so incredibly cold when they do it, and they wouldn't have to worry about dying from slipping on the ice on their roof tops.
L :)