Sunday, December 2, 2007

Busy "on call" weekend =)

Philip didn't end up getting called in at all for the rest of his shift, he just needed to go in at six this morning and round on some patients and sign out. Sooo cool!

Yesterday was a fairly productive day. Philip got to watch some football and... We finally got the "bumper edge" put up on the fireplace, to avoid Keenan (or other little kids) cracking their heads on the sharp edges.
We also got all our Christmas cards finally written in last night - Philip helped me, which was very much appreciated! =)
We're done all of our Christmas shopping, except for one gift.

The bathroom continues to feel like the "everlasting job". We have moments of great success, and then some really discouraging moments, as we discover issues that were hidden under the paper that are going to make more work for us.

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