Friday, December 21, 2007

Busy "Christmas" day

Today has been incredibly busy, doing all the last minute things that need to be done before we leave for Merritt Island in the morning.

Today is "Christmas" for Philip, Keenan and I. Since we are leaving tomorrow and won't be back until after Christmas, we decided to do our own little Christmas together and open gifts tonight. I've even convinced Philip (because I'm still so much a kid at heart at Christmas) that he and I should sleep in the family room by the Christmas tree tonight, because I think the lights look so pretty in the dark. Who knows, we'll probably end up back in our own bed part way through the night.. =)

Keenan is actually pretty sick now. He has a cough, a cold, a slight fever, an ear infection and a diaper rash, poor baby. When he actually Acts sick.. you know it's pretty bad. =( The medicine we got for him yesterday makes him throw up, so Philip is getting some different stuff for him today. With our big day of travel tomorrow, we really hope he gets better fast. If any of you are inclined to pray for him, we'd sure appreciate it! =)

This is the first Christmas of my life that I won't be celebrating with my family back home at some point. Since my mom always makes Swedish Tea Ring for Christmas day, I didn't want to miss out... so I made my own! They aren't quite as good, or nearly as fancy as what my mom makes, but it sure helps me feel like things are a little more "normal", having it around. =)

My mom's always have candied cherries and nuts and colored sugar on top...

This is obviously waay too much for Philip and I to ate, so I made us a small one for breakfast in the morning, another one to take with us to his family, and then split the large one in half for our favorite neighbors.

All ready to go

Keenan and I took the wagon for it's "maiden voyage" today across the street to Frank and Myrtle's house. We took them a little thank you gift and I wanted them to see Keenan in the wagon. When we got there, they had another gift for Keenan (from Myrtle's niece, Julie - I think I've mentioned her before, we've never even met her, but this is the second time she's bought gifts for Keenan!) He got a baby Leap Frog toy and a little barn with cow, duck and pig blocks that make different fun noises and sing songs when you put them in the barn.

On our return... all loaded up with toys and a package for Keenan from Michigan!

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Anonymous said...

Too cute!!! I probably won't talk to you until after the holidays, so have a great Christmas!! You always know how to make things special. The tea rings looked AWESOME!!
We love you guys!!!
Laura, Nathan, Parker and Grissom :)(they say woof, woof )