Saturday, December 1, 2007

Amazing call day

So... Philip is on call today, from this morning until tomorrow morning. But.. he's at home! He went in at 7 this morning, and Keenan and I went and helped decorate the MOPS float for the Christmas parade on Wednesday. Then we picked Philip up at 11:30, since they had no patients that needed a doctor there at all times. He had to go back in at about 1:30, and Keenan and I went to do some Christmas shopping, and finished up just in time to pick him back up at 3:30...this is the best way to do call! =)

Here's me painting the banners for the sides of the float
(This is the first time I've been wearing short sleeves and Sweating...while decorating a float for a Christmas parade in December!!)

Keenan played inside with the other kids while I worked
(Here's him having Cheerios for the first time)

Here's him wolfing down one of the Arrowroot cookies last night:

So yes, Mom, he likes them. =)
(Why the pink bib, you ask? Well, when I went to Wal-Mart to buy plastic bibs for him, all they had was pink! We actually had originally said we would never take pictures of him wearing this, but... well, if he needs therapy later on in life, I'll take the blame..)

We borrowed a wallpaper steamer yesterday and have already given it a trial run. On "double scored" wallpaper, it seems to work fairly well, so my hopes have risen yet again that we might even get it done by next weekend.

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Mom W. said...

Yay Keenan, good man, you know a good Canadian cookie when you taste one. I am SO glad he likes them... whew... and so relieved. = ) Love you, Mom