Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What the Doctor ordered...

While Keenan and I were at the hospital to pick Philip up from work, we found out two things:

1. Keenan has an ear infection. =0( The only way we knew to check was because he wouldn't eat (which has Obviously never happened before). Other than that, it doesn't seem to be bothering him much, he's still in a pretty good mood. (We did get him some medicine, though)

2. Our doctor, (when she heard that he was still not eating any solids), said to give him some CHOCOLATE PUDDING in a bowl and let him play in it and see if he eats any. Can you believe a Doctor said I could give my eight month old baby pudding??? She also said we could try ice cream on him! (I don't mind, because I can eat the extra!)

Here's a few pictures of how that went:

I'm really allowed to do this?

Woohoo, Chocolate!

Mmmm... this is so good...
(I love how his eyes are crossed, LOL!)

"Like my moustache and goatee?"

Yay Pudding!


Anonymous said...

I can't tell . . . did it work?

Joia said...

I would say yes.. he did eat some of it, and seemed to like it, so maybe we'll try it again today and see if we can convince him that he Does like stuff other than milk! =)

Anonymous said...

so cute!!!! look at that face!!

flakymn said...

YOu are too fun Joia. I would eat the leftovers too.

When you get a chance, you should hop over to my friend Kelly's blog (steg family) and back peddle a few months ...

Her son Dylan would not eat solids without barfing til he was like 1.5 or something crazy. Kelly was going crazy too.