Friday, November 16, 2007

A wee bit chilly...

The temperature was 38 this morning when we left the house. I think that's the coldest I've felt it here yet... Brrr... it's nice though, because that means it's hoodie weather! =)

Keenan and I spent the afternoon with Sarah and Della. Sarah and I were hoping that the babies would both take long naps, so we could work on "crafty" stuff, but neither of Them thought that was a great idea. =) Oh well, I did get some work done, and Sarah and I had a good visit. Della (being a sociable girl) was quite interested in everything Keenan was doing, but he just sort of ignored her the whole time! =)

After Philip put Keenan to bed tonight, he went back in to get him to sleep, and found that Keenan can now get into a sitting position from laying down, and can pull himself to a standing position on the bars, so we need to move his mattress down NOW. Man, he's growing so fast!!

Keenan wearing Philip's hat

Here's today's random Thanksgiving item:


Anonymous said...

isn't it now just called "America's Funniest Videos"?

Joia said...

I think it is, Cheryl. =)