Monday, November 19, 2007


#1. (I'm actually a little nervous to even be saying this, lest I jinx it but..) I had Great success getting Keenan to eat solids yesterday and today! He still doesn't like the spoon, but I've been giving him food with his medicine syringe and it works fabulously! He seems to like rice cereal mixed with applesauce pretty well. Yay!! He's also getting his Eight tooth in!

#2. Philip and I started to work (for real) on the guest bathroom today. It looks like there are actually two layers of wallpaper on it, making it a much bigger job than I had anticipated. My hopes of having it all done before we have people over in a couple weeks are quickly fading... Oh well, maybe it'll be our new year project. =)
We bought some wallpaper remover, and had already started spraying it around before we realized it said to wear a mask while using it! Oops! =0/ I have pictures of us in our stylish masks, but Blogger isn't letting me upload pictures right now...

I think that's about it for now.


Anonymous said...

No home improvement job is ever as easy as you think it will be!!

Anonymous said...

Amen! Just ask Steph and Ada how long it took to get our bathroom paper off! BTW, thanks again for doing it guys!

Mom W. said...

Yay Keenan, do whatever it takes to get it in him, is he sleeping better??? Love, Mom