Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday happenings

The book club meeting last night was really fun. The majority of the conversation had nothing to do with the book (because none of us really liked it that much), but, since we were six females, there was no shortage of things to talk about. It was nice to have time without kids to keep track of and just be able to relax and eat and chat.

Today I've been working on finishing the Christmas decorating, writing in and putting pictures in cards, and trying to keep up with my little "elf".

Here's a picture of him with our Santa hat on:

About a tenth of a second before he tore it off...

And here's one from Photo booth that I took a while ago that I don't think I ever posted:Keenan and his conjoined twin

After our walk this afternoon, Keenan and I stopped in to see Frank and Myrtle. They are always Thrilled to see him, and see how he has changed. He let Myrtle hold him, and I even convinced him to sit on Frank's knee for a while (while Frank told him funny stories). When I left, Myrtle sent me home with a jar of her (excellent) iced tea, a piece of cream cheese cake, some wedding cookies, two baked sweet potatoes and some turnip greens! =) She is soo sweet!

Exciting news... Philip's sister Jessica, (who was due to have her baby on Sunday) is going in to the hospital tonight at 7, and they'll get her ready to have the baby tomorrow hopefully! Yay!

On a random note... I just discovered today that there are multiple websites out there that you can order a "Call from Santa" for your child... You tell his "elves" your child's name, eye color, hair color, best friend's name, what the child wants for Christmas, what they got last year, etc... and they will (ideally) be ecstatic that they got to talk to the REAL Santa on the phone (for the low, low price of $15 US dollars for five minutes!) What people won't do to keep the "magic" alive...


flakymn said...

My family had Cinderella call my niece for her birthday. She loved it!!!!

Loree Arrington said...

Do you think it's strange that people don't just have friends call? I used to call my friends litte boy as "Blue" He was thrilled and never knew it was me. Of course, he's seven now, and knows how to use caller ID so it probably wouldn't work now.