Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tis the season...

With Christmas carols and trees popping up in stores, and people talking about plans for Christmas, shopping, and baking... I'm starting to "get into the Christmas groove".
I haven't actually started my shopping yet, but today I decided I was going to start making my Christmas cards. I've (obviously) never done this before with a baby around, so I'm sure I'll need lots of extra time, in order to get them all done in time.
I kind of already feel like decorating, so I'm sure as Soon as we get back after Thanksgiving, I'm going to start. I Love that!

On a totally random note... I just found out that at the "Farm Day" that we went to on the weekend, they had the Guinness Book of World Records largest hay ride ever! The largest up until now was only 500, but at Farm Day, they stopped counting at 1, 500, and just kept loading people. How cool! (I wish we had still been there at that point, so we could have been part of that!)

Also, completely unrelated... here's Keenan's passport picture that I meant to post a while ago. I think it's funny how serious he is.. =)

He'll laugh at this in a few years, I'm sure...
(I wish I had a passport with a baby picture in it!)

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Mom E said...

Even serious, this boy is destined for stardom or model-dom or something really cool. Love, Mom