Monday, November 26, 2007

Puttering around the house...

Keenan and I have spent the day at home, getting settled back in, and decorating the house for Christmas. He is getting SO mobile I really have to watch him now! He can get into everything! =)

Here's him in his new play area in the family room:He loves to pull these bins out and dump them everywhere! =)

And here's some more pictures from our visit to Merritt Island that I didn't get a chance to post:
Uncle Isaac and Keenan

A sleepy Philip with Isaac and Keenan

Matt and Reagan

Mom, Jeff and Isaac

Keenan and Philip
(notice how their shirts match?) =)

I'm headed out this evening with the girls to a Greek restaurant for our second book club meeting... it should be fun!


Anonymous said...

what book?

Joia said...

"On Call in Hell", about a doctor's experience in the battle of Fallujah (none of us were very big fans of it, actually)