Monday, November 12, 2007

Pictures at the beach

Since Philip had the day off, we headed to the beach in Destin with Rob and Sarah. We took pictures of each other to put in our Christmas cards. Other than the nasty smell from the recent "red tide", and the remains of some dead fish, we had a great time! =) I think we both got some great pictures. The weather and the water were beautiful.
After, we headed to the Crab Trap for lunch. (Just a note, folks, I'm pretty sure their garlic mashed potatoes come from a box...I don't recommend them).

Here's a couple pictures from the many, many we took:

A candid one of the boys

I love this one!

It was sooo sunny!

Sarah and I


flakymn said...

John and I have decided we won't be returning to Crab Trap. So we are with you on that.

I think the one of you with your backs to us is really nice --

But now that I think of it I bet you didn't post the one that will be on your card did you?

Want to meet up with us to take OUR picture for our Christmas cards??!?! I am feeling pressured now.

Mom W. said...

I hate it when people do that, it makes me so curious... nice family... = ) love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures! Especially the one of you kissing over Keenan's head. Pretty soon he'll be old enough to say "Ewww, you guys!" Love you!