Monday, November 5, 2007

Philip home for a change

Philip actually got some sleep on call last night, so he's been home with us (and awake!) for most of the day, which has been cool!

Keenan got mail today. This book, sent from my friend, and former employer, Michelle. If you've read the blog about Bunny, you'll know why she chose this book (about a little girl who lost her bunny at the laundromat).

This afternoon/evening we took a walk down to the park. It's so awesome that we live a few minutes from something so pretty!

Philip and Keenan on the same swing Myrtle and I sat on the other day

On the way back, we stopped, and I introduced Philip to our neighbors, Adam and Laura, that I met the other day. They are Christians as well (as I suspected), and are planning to homeschool their kids. I think we'll have a great time getting to know them better. =)

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