Saturday, November 24, 2007

'Nother day in paradise

Sorry, I haven't taken any pictures for the blog today.

It has been another pretty laid back and relaxing day here in Merritt Island. Philip has been fulfilling his dream of watching as much football as he wants, and being able to truly relax. He deserves this!

Jeff has been putting up Christmas lights, and Matt and Jessica came over to visit again (this morning and this evening). Philip and I took a brief trip to Target while Keenan was napping, and then he watched Keenan while Mom and I went out and did some shopping and went to Starbucks.

For dinner we had some Delicious pot roast, oven roasted potatoes, and salad (which will be followed up soon with some more cheesecake and pumpkin pie). In a little while, we're all going to play some fun games and enjoy our last night here.

We head home in the morning.

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