Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lovin' the long weekend...

Today has been a nice, relaxing day in the middle of our long weekend. Since tomorrow is Veteran's day, Philip gets the day off, so we are totally enjoying being home together so much this weekend!

I was out pretty late last night hanging out with Sarah and Jodi, so Philip let me sleep in this morning.. isn't he wonderful? =)

The weather continues to be gorgeous, and we took a nice long walk with Keenan this afternoon. He turned eight months old yesterday and is getting his seventh tooth!

We just watched Back to the Future. I had never seen it before, and Philip decided that I needed to, since it's a classic. =) It was pretty good!

This has been pretty random, but we haven't done a whole lot today.. and it's been awesome!

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flakymn said...

Back to the Future ROCKS!!!!!