Friday, November 30, 2007

Hudson Daniel

Our nephew is named! =)

Here's some pictures of our sweet new nephew:

Beautiful mom and baby

Cute family of four
Matt, Reagan, Jessica and Hudson

Precious little bundle

Proud Grandma

Third time uncle, Isaac


Shambach's said...

This message is more for Phil....

Remember when we were at Debrief in Switzerland and we played that baby game? The one where Courtney had to bottle feed and burp Josh w/ that soda? And, your sister was one of the contestants for her team.... after it was over she yelled,


Haha. I just thought that was fitting since she has TWO children now :-) Good memories!

Andrew said...

Congrats to the proud parents and brother and uncle and everybody... and of course Grandma! Nice baby...Jessica.

Judy said...

Sorry this computer wants to put Andrew because it's his computer but that last comment was from me Judy, not Andrew so don't blame him... = )