Saturday, November 17, 2007

Go Michigan!!

The "Big Game" (at least in this house) is on today. Michigan vs. Ohio State.

We are all dressed and ready to cheer on the Wolverines to an awesome win, we hope!

Keenan can't tear his eyes from the TV
(since this is the first time we've actually let him watch it)

I'm pretty sure the look on Keenan's face means, "You're goin' down Ohio State!"

Our flag proudly waving out front

And a look back...

This is Philip and I (and Keenan in utero) at the Michigan/Northwestern game last October
(it was Very cold and rainy!)


Tazzy2405 said...

very nice pics. I like the outfit. Who won

Joia said...

Thanks Tazzy!

Michigan lost actually. =0/

I'm really curious though.. how did someone from Germany find out about my blog? =)