Friday, November 9, 2007

Fun Friday

Today was kind of a "tossed salad" day, with no Main event, and not a whole lot to write about, so I'll just let the pictures speak for the day...

Keenan being Very patient with me while shopping for pants

Enjoying the beautiful weather down by the water on base

Yes, I'd like one handsome baby on the rocks, please

Hands folded and everything.. =)

Philip's Turn:
Today was "Wingman Day" on base. You can read about the official reasons for it at that link. It is supposed to be a morale booster, encourage esprit de corps. This was a base wide thing where everyone gets the day off from their usual job to participate in these team activities to get to know each other better and build unit cohesion. Of course, as is usual when it comes to military days off, the Medical Group is different. It's kind of like Security Forces, we can never really give our whole unit the day off. The gates always have to be guarded and there have to be officers on duty. Likewise, the inpatients don't all just go home and the ER can't shut down. So this means that people from our clinic, the nurse corps, the techs, the ER, the pharmacy, the lab, radiology, etc, all have to leave some people working their normal job while the rest of us get some time off.

So anyway, the pictures below are from the last event of wingman day...Kickball. This was by far the most fun event of the day. I haven't played kickball since I was in undergrad and visited Dad at Fairglen and played with some of his elementary school kids. Earlier events included some military pep talks, problem solving sessions, Jeopardy, lunches out away from base (Joia and Keenan were able to come for that part) and in addition to kickball there were movies and volleyball. Here are just a few pictures from the game.

We played in a field next to the hospital between the helipad and the road. It was mostly members of the Family Medicine Clinic and the Pathology Flight (that mainly means people from the lab). We did have mixed teams, it wouldn't been fair to put all those people not used to sunlight on one team.

Ready to field a ball. I played 3rd base most of the game.

Just moments before a little red ball hits me in the head because my wife was distracting me...just kidding.

I just realized today that we have two small trees in our backyard that have changed color! Here's us with one of them:

I'm trying to keep Keenan from eating the leaves...

My mom told me that it snowed yesterday at home in Ontario. I thought I would really miss the snow... but, I don't so much (at least not until Christmas). Nope, I'm happy to still be having warm weather (67 today, 74 tomorrow). Yeah Baby!

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