Saturday, November 3, 2007

Farm Day!

Today we went to "Farm Day" in Defuniak Springs. We convinced Rob and Sarah and Della to go too, and we all drove together in their van. It's about 45 minutes here, and was a really pretty drive. Every year, these people open up their farm to the public, and the First Baptist Church of Fort Walton Beach puts on this huge family event! They supply drinks, hot dogs and hamburgers, and then everyone who attends, just brings a side dish or dessert for a Huge potluck! There was also free cotton candy and funnel cakes!
There was games for the kids, a zip line, a hayride, a petting zoo, crafts, line dancing, etc, and it was also All free!
I heard about it at MOPS, but had no idea it was such a Huge event! There was probably over 1,000 people there!

Keenan borrowing Della's "Canada hat"

Sarah, Rob and Della

The dessert "wagon" (there was So much food it was stacked up!)

Keenan's first experience with straw

What Is this stuff? Can I eat it?

Sarah and I with the babies

Keenan and Philip as we were waiting in line

A "few" of the people there

...and some more

One of the Massive grills

...and another one that looks like a locomotive!

One of the looong food tables
(it felt like the world's largest picnic!)

Eating lunch on the grass

A miniature donkey and it's baby

Keenan and I with the wood that will later be a gigantic bonfire!

Sarah and "Sleeping Beauty"

Us three (Keenan was Very tired by this point)

P.S. We watched Evan Almighty last night. I totally recommend it! =)


Shambach's said...

Wow, that looks like it was a ton of fun! What a way to enjoy a Saturday! Makes me wish there was one of those around here in KY. (Perhaps there is and I just don't know it yet) :-)

LoreeArrington said...

Hey Joia! I'm glad you had fun at Farm Day! They stopped counting on the hayride at 1,500 and started just loading, because the world record was 500 and change. Did you see "That the World May Know" on the barn? It's that the World may know Jesus is Lord! Don't forget the boiled peanuts, snowcones and roasted marshmellows! Have a great day & see you next year at Farm Day!