Saturday, November 10, 2007

Date on a kayak

Philip and I had Jodi come babysit Keenan this afternoon so we could have a date. We decided to kayak the Turkey Creek. It was a ton of fun! Philip is a very patient man, and was really nice to me, even when I got us into quite a few bushes and trees along the shore! =)

A two person kayak makes our civic look pretty small..

It's in!

Ready to go (I think)

Very clear water

The half of this team that actually knows what he's doing

Okay, I could like this

Pretty fall colors

This was one of the most fun parts, the water was moving fairly quickly, and just carried us right through the culvert

Inside the culvert

One of several bridges we went under

Taking a short break

Finally out into the open

Aahh...this is the life...

A small park near our home, where we ended up

After carrying the kayak several blocks, we resorted to dragging it up the (rather steep) hill the last part of the way on the grass =)

Here's some video of us on the kayak...


Mom w. said...

That's a different kayak than we've ever seen... looks like it would be really easy to tip... glad you finally got to to, your car looks good. Love, Mom

Mom E said...

Well, I am so miserably behind on your blog but knew you went kayaking so I jumped to that one and then jumped to the one with Keenan and pudding...or did I go back to the pudding one? get the idea! lol. I loved the video; it looked you were really truckin'...well, kayakin' anyway.

The pudding pics were so cute. I cannot wait to hold my lil puddin' head! He is just adorable.

C U Real soon. woo hoo. Love, Mom (the other one!)