Thursday, November 1, 2007

Beach Day!

This is probably the first November first of my life that I've spent at the beach. =)

At the girl's lunch today, Jodi said she was heading to the beach after, since it was supposed to be really nice out (80), so Sarah, Della, Keenan and I decided to join her. We needed to get in one last day before Eglin's private beach closes tomorrow for the season. It was beautiful, there was hardly Anyone else at the beach, and we got a free dolphin show! There were several groups of dolphins swimming, not very far from the shore, and they were even jumping out of the water and doing flips! Awesome!

Here's some pictures from our time there:

Keenan in a cool pop up tent that Sarah brought

Our little set up

Me and the beach babe

Chubby little sand man

Keenan's latest funny look (first time in a picture)

Keenan's friend, Della

Keenan showing off his "push ups" for Della


Anonymous said...

How lucky are you to be at the beach on Nov. 1!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!
And to see dolphins swimming just off shore. Let it be known I am
VERY envious!!!

Anonymous said...

Again . . .Cheryl says it right! Very cute little faces on Keenan :)