Friday, October 5, 2007

Yay for the weekend!

Not too much to post today...

Keenan and I had lunch at Sarah's today with Tiffany and William, and Sarah's neighbor, Jaime (and her two and a half month old, Donovan). I had never met Jaime before, and she's a fellow Canadian! She's super nice, and her little guy is built just like Keenan! =)

Today was Philip's last day of his four week Internal Medicine rotation... Woohoo!!!! It has been a hectic few weeks for him, and he is sooo glad to be done. Now he has a whopping two days before he has to start two weeks of nights (and he has to work all day Monday and then go right into his night shift on the first day!) =0/

We're hoping to have a fun and relaxing weekend together... maybe go to the beach or something tomorrow.

Just a random note: I noticed today on a restaurant sign, "Back by popular demand, Fried Chicken livers!" Yup, we're in the south...

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