Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wonderful Wednesday

Why is my Wednesday so wonderful?

Well, for starters, Keenan had a great night last night (which means I did too!)

Keenan and I had a good chat with Frank and Myrtle, they love him to pieces. =)

We made some new friends. When we were out for our walk, we met some of our neighbors down the street (the first ones that we've met besides our next door neighbor, Phil, and Frank and Myrtle). It's a young couple, Laura and Adam, with four kids, Nathan (5), who waved at me through the window the other day, Anna (3), Joseph (2) and Isaac (4 months). They seem really nice and were surprised to find out that there was someone else on the street with a young child! They are Air Force as well. Adam flies helicopters...pretty cool. Laura said she'd love to take walks together, and that I'm welcome to come over anytime. I'm so excited to have met someone in my neighborhood, and such a nice family too!

I'm noticing that with the cooler weather, a lot more people are out in their yards when I'm out walking, so hopefully that will give me a chance to meet some of our other neighbors.

It was a great day for connecting with people. I called a couple friends, Janice and Leonieke, from back home, who I hadn't talked to in forever, and had some Great chats! I also caught up via email with one of my favorite "Michiganders", Melissa, and also had a few good facebook correspondences. All the ways to communicate these days...

The fair starts in two days! Woohoo! We missed the Mullet Festival, but we're not going to miss the fair...there's a circus too!

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