Thursday, October 4, 2007

Variety Pack

Yesterday afternoon Keenan and I went over to see our neighbors, Frank and Myrtle again (it had been way too long!) They were So happy to see us, and had hoped many times that we'd come over, so they could see how big Keenan was getting. Myrtle kept saying "How Purdy" Keenan was getting.. =) Myrtle has been quite busy taking care of Frank because he'd had surgery since I was last over there (I felt so bad that I didn't know, and could have helped!) He's doing pretty well now, though.
While we were there, Myrtle briefly mentioned that a long time ago, she had a pet baby coon in her house. It used to dig around in the plants in her window sill, so she'd swat it with a fly swatter. Pretty soon, the coon learned to hide it on her! LOL!
Frank sent me home with a bag of green beans (just picked), and they were sooo good!

So, for those of you wondering about Philip's reaction to our "dance movie" yesterday.... he Does still love me, and thought it was pretty funny! =)

The weekly lunch was at Tiffany's today. She made chicken spaghetti (I had never had it before) and it was delicious!

Two serious boys...
(I hadn't noticed before how close they are in size!)

Sarah with Della (trying William's pot on her head)

... and Keenan giving the pot a try. I don't think it suits him.

I'll close out with a joke my friend, Sam, sent me today...


There were Five country churches in a small TEXAS Town:
The Presbyterian Church , the Baptist Church , the Methodist Church, The Catholic Church and the Jewish Synagogue.

Each church and Synagogue was overrun with pesky squirrels.

One day, the Presbyterian Church called a meeting to decide what to do about the squirrels.
After much prayer and consideration they Determined that the squirrels were predestined to be there and they shouldn't interfere with God's divine will..

In The BAPTIST CHURCH the squirrels had taken up habitation in the baptistery. The deacons met and decided to put a cover on the baptistery and drown the squir rels in it.. The squirrels escaped somehow and there were twice as many there the next week.

The Methodist Church got together and decided that they were not in a position to harm any of God's creation. So, they humanely trapped the Squirrels and set them free a few miles outside of town. Three days later, the squirrels were back.

But -- The Catholic CHURCH came up with the best and most effective solution.
They baptized the squirrels and registered them as members of the church.
Now they only see them on Christmas and Easter

Not much was heard about the Jewish Synagogue,
but they took one squirrel and had a short service with him called circumcision and they haven't seen a squirrel on the property since.


Keep going....

For all who appreciate the outdoors . . the rarely photographed South Florida Squirrel.


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Mom W. said...

The two squirrel pics (I am assuming that is what they are) are missing on my computer, anyone else have the same? Is there something different with them Joia?