Saturday, October 13, 2007

Trip to 'Bama

This morning, Philip came home and headed to bed, and Uncle Tom, Aunt Kathy, my mom, Keenan and I all piled in the car and drove to Daphne, Alabama to visit my great Aunt Pat. My mom hadn't seen her in 29 years, and I had (obviously, since I'm only 26) never met her before. She is 88, but still lives alone, drives, teaches Sunday school and sings in the church choir! What a lady!

We went to her house for a little while and then went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. It was fun getting to know her a bit, and hear my mom and aunt and uncle catch up on the missed years with her. She has quite the sense of humor! =)

My mom, Great Aunt Pat, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Tom

Keenan with his fortune cookie

We spent the afternoon with more family (cousins of my mom's), in Silverhill. AL at Diane and George's house in the country. They have ten acres of land, and it was a beautiful day to visit with family.

Four generations
(We were never able to do this with my mom's mom, since she died when I was a baby, so I wanted to do this with her sister while we had the chance)
Grandma lovin' on Keenan

Aunt Kathy, Great Aunt Pat, Joan

Mom and cousin Diane

The Whole Gang
My mom, Keenan, me, George and cousin Diane, cousin Win and Sharon,
Great Aunt Pat, cousin Joe and Joan, and Uncle Tom

Beautiful Autumn flowers

Diane's cute donkey, Ellie =)

Philip was able to get rested and have some (long overdue) time to himself, and was able to watch some (uninterrupted) football before we got home. He took care of bathing Keenan and getting him to bed and then we (minus Philip) picked up DQ for dessert.

We're thinking of playing a game or something now, so I should go.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joia,
This is unrelated to your blog of the day but awhile back I saw you mourning the end of vanilla coke and was surprised b/c we haven't been able to get it here for quite a while. And Jeff loves it! So I was wondering if you are still able to buy it and if your mom had a small corner free when she heads home if you would be so kind as to send me one bottle/tin whatever fits so I can put it in Jeff's stocking. Pretty please with a cherry on top! And if it's not legal to cross the border with it - don't attempt it :) Thanks so much, Marianne Sharp

Anonymous said...

Joia, maybe you should sent this comment to the Coke company, and also send the blog where you are morning yet another end to Vanilla Coke, Who knows? Maybe they would stand up and take notice since this has now become and international smuggling issue!! :-)

Love, Mom E.