Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Second last day of my mom's visit =0/

The girl's lunch was here today. Last week it was at Jodi's house and we met her parents. Today the girls met my mom, and next week it's at Andrea's, and we'll be meeting her mom! It's like "parent show and tell" or something! LOL!
We had a repeat of the clam chowder (since it seemed to go over pretty well last time), and my mom made it this time. Jodi made grilled cheese (since we decided last time, when Wendi made them, that they went Perfectly with the chowder!) Tiffany made a delicious salad and Andrea brought some fun Halloween cupcakes. We missed Sarah and Wendi today.. =0/

This afternoon, mom and Keenan and I went over to see Frank and Myrtle, since they wanted me to bring her over while she was here, and we also went next door, so my mom (and Keenan) could meet our other neighbor, Wyneeta (sp?) She is really sweet and had us come to her house. Keenan Loved her teddy bear collection, which she was kind enough to let him play with. We also visited quite a long time at Frank and Myrtle's, and got the tour of their gardens, and heard all about their family and the (cool) story of how they met etc...

When we got home, Philip was up, so we got to spend some time with him before he had to leave to drop Rob Oschner off at the airport. They left their mini van with us for the time that they're gone, which was super nice!

After dinner, we took Keenan for a walk around the neighborhood, and then had some butterfinger trifle for dessert after he went to bed. Mmmm...

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Anonymous said...

need recipe for trifle!!!!
Laura :)